Friday, July 26, 2013

Pop-Up Success

So I officially have my first Chloe + Isabel pop-up shop under my belt, thanks to my excellent host, Alyssa. Do I have pictures? Sorry! I was just so busy meeting really sweet girls, talking jewelry, design and everyone's favorite city, SF! It was honestly such a blast, I completely forgot I was technically "working." Alyssa was truly the hostess with the mostess. She was all over wine and cheese duty and was like an old pro showing off the C + I necklace she chose to wear that night. Next time though, I promise there will be pics to share. Which brings me to next time...

This Sunday I will be participating in C + I's first ever National Pop-Up Party. I am lucky enough to be partnering with Trish from Mimi's on Union. Before we talk jewelry and clothes though, let's talk Trish. I met her and her girls when I first moved here last year and began babysitting for them. Devin and Chelsea (funny name coincidence!) are so well behaved, sweet and really care about one another. I love them to pieces and it's no wonder considering they were raised by Trish. She is one of those people who is always just genuinely happy no matter what is tossed her way. She knows how to roll with the punches and keep moving forward while inspiring others to always put their best foot forward. Genuine, sweet and insightful, what more could you want?! Her clothing boutique on Union Street in San Francisco is beautifully curated with some amazing and unique pieces that customers just gush over. While I still babysit, I now also work at the store part time and am actually working with Trish on a re-brand that will include a web site! All very exciting. So this Sunday please join us at 2133 Union Street to shop clothes as well as Chloe + Isabel jewelry! It will be an event to remember, I can promise you that. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Happy Summer!

Oh hello there, is it seriously nearly August?! Holy cow, how the time goes... oh jeez now I sound like my Nana....

But ya, this summer is flying. You know how so many times you think, oh when this ends I'll have so much more time on my hands and I'll tackle lots of stuff that has been on the back burner, and then in reality you are just as busy, only with different things? Well, that's how this summer has been. But, I do still have some news to share. I recently became a merchandiser for a super sweet company called Chloe + Isabel. They make some gorgeous jewelry, all designed and manufactured in the one and only NYC. I am having my launch party this Wednesday and am super excited, but also totally nervous. I decided to do a black and white theme for this party to keep it simple and whipped up this little mood board to get me started. My friend Alyssa agreed to be my guinea pig and is acting as host for this little shindig. Of course she will be getting plenty of compensation, i.e free Chloe + Isabel jewels!

Wish you could be a part of the fun? No problem, just virtually shop the pop-up shop at Alyssa's this Wednesday starting at 6:30pm PCT (9:30 EST) by following this link! Simple, ya? Enjoy your week!