Monday, March 31, 2014

Pillow, Again

Happy Monday!! After all the pillows for my friend, I thought I'd share what I'm thinking for myself. My palette for the living room is the gold from the chair, the teal from the settee, and then black, white and gray to balance it all out. So I threw together these five pillows to keep in mind to tie my room all together.

My tips are loose, but a good formula to follow if you're super lost and want the eclectic feel. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accent Pillows

I recently had a friend come to me wanting some help getting started in the decor department for her new place. She had just gotten this FAB grey velvet couch that had clean outer lines but was all tufted along the back and sides, much like the one I posted in my mood board the other day. It was amazing and made me drool. Anyways, she wanted pillows and didn't know where to start. She gave me a vague color scheme.. "maybe a greenish tone??" and knew she didn't want too many since the dog would likely drag them to floor.

I gave her a bunch of options, sticking to groups of three, mostly with some green in there. The key to mixing pillows is this, I'd say one solid, one large scale pattern and one smaller scale pattern. Also, if one of those patterns is organic and one is geometric, even better! Pretty simple ya? I also like to vary the sizes, so two squares and one rectangle for interest. If you hate 'boring solids,' you can do two matching patterns, and then a third different pattern too. Personal preference people!

I also gave her these options, using more pinks and browns. I did it because even though she didn't say pink, I happen to know it is her FAVORITE color ever, that she has a pink upholstered chair in the room, and also a chocolate brown ottoman. I really think any colors can go together in a palette if you just keep repeating them. And the best place to force them all together and say, "See, this goes!" is in those toss pillow people! 

She didn't mention pink because he hubby isn't all that stoked about the color, but I thought, add enough brown and maybe he'd buy it? I love doing visual options like this for roomies, or men you live with who just don't get your vision, or who can't seem to articulate what it is they want. This way they can see it, and say which they like best. Naturally, he liked the last option on the bottom right, mostly neutrals and browns. But hey, I did tried to sway him on the pink!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Living Room, Setting the Mood

As promised, a mood board! This is the direction my living room will be going in. I've seen so many drool worthy rooms on Pinterest, and was tempted to just start from scratch and try to copy a room for less (Does anyone remember that show on HGTV where they would literally copy an inspiration room top to bottom on a budget?!!) But in reality, I already had some big, large statement pieces that I was using, some by choice... others due to compromise with the BF.

Anyone guess his piece? Yup, that gold, embossed velvet easy chair. I must say it has slowly grown on me, but man I would have liked just about anything else as a started point! Plus, getting it to jive with the love of my life, the crazy ikat sette top center, was a little tough.

Then I had a bit of an "ah-ha" moment with I finally framed up my drawing. It had gold, with little teal shoes. And plenty of black, white and gray. I knew I had found my color palette at last! So that's the plan, let's hope it works out like I think it will in my head. (I apologize for the crummy quality of the drawing, I really need to get a camera soon!)

Friday, March 14, 2014

C+I Spring Style

The weather in SF this week has been out of this world terrific! Sunny and 70 everyday, I've been busting out the shorts and trying to get a little color on my pale self. So I thought I'd style up a little outfit featuring the Chloe + Isabel pieces that I've been wearing all winter, and show them off for spring! The best thing about C+I is that there is a price point for everyone, with pieces starting at just $18! Enjoy <3

Friday, March 7, 2014

Happy Friday!

I got my latest order in from Chloe + Isabel and have been wearing the pieces non-stop ever since. I have to say, of all my C + I pieces, the "Be Mine" sterling nesting rings" have got to be my favorite! They are 100% sterling silver and super dainty. They look so adorable with everything and I basically never take them off. I'm thinking I may need to order their cousin, the "Best of Luck" sterling nesting rings next...

Every time I get an order in, the pretty packaging always puts a big smile on my face. Who doesn't like little felt birds and pretty tissue? Shop here to get your jewelry fix!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dining Area

The new apartment has a decent sized eat in kitchen, which is great because there is no dining room! I brought my table from the last apartment that I found on the streets and refinished myself. I love the white and rattan chairs we found on craigslist for just $10 a piece. I think the rounded legs on both the table and chairs ties them together well enough, plus the curved chair backs mimic the curves in the tabletop pattern too.

I realize I never really posted the official after on this table, so here are some shots! I just sanded this baby down, stained it a deep mahogany and then got to doodling with aqua paint :)

 There's a subtle nautical vibe going on as I added some whales, anchors, seahorses and other aquatic creatures in amongst the random squiggly doodles.

I love that this is an awesome stand alone piece and an excellent conversation starter whenever friends come by. So next time you see a wooden freebie on the street, just picture it as your canvas and go nuts! What do you have to lose?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Heirloom and Pearls

I can't even say how gorgeous the new Heirloom Pearl and Undreamed Shores collections are! They are so amazingly transitional season-wise, layering in with early spring pastels and metallics, and then can go super bold statement status when you toss in a little neon and tanned skin down the line!

Shop all the collections here for a little midweek pick me up! Or contact me to earn some special pieces for free... Tell me now, who doesn't like free?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dinner Party

Last night my boyfriend and I had some awesome people over for a delish dinner and good company. Among the guests? My sister of course, her fiance, and two new friends that I feel like I've known for years. I was sure to grab some fresh flowers I arranged in a mason jar and two decorative water decanters to make the night feel extra special.

I love having our salvaged window above the dining table so I can draw something fitting for any occasion, or use it as an everyday memo board. The night's theme? Eat up!

Of course I needed a martini while I got cooking in the kitchen... Having a bartender boyfriend sure does come in handy!

The night most definitely called for some Chloe + Isabel jewels. I love the pearl and pike pieces, classic but totally edgy and effortless at the same time!

My sis and Abby prepped salad in the kitchen (thanks girls!) and then we all enjoyed an awesome lasagna I somewhat made up on the fly.

Here is the recipe, so feel free to give it a go! Lasagna is awesome in that the prep isn't all that tough, and then you just let the oven take over from there. Plus, leftovers... ;)

                           *Lasagna photo from theKitchn