Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Community Feel

1. Plaids by Pladra  2. Doggy Digs by Blueblood Living  3. Raw Edge leather clutch by Scabby Robot  4. Sweet Prints by 3 Fish Studios  5. Iconic Tote by Lady Alamo 6. Shortbread Truffle Sandwiches baked by Bow and Sparrow Bakery  7. Great bags by Sally Spicer  8. "I left my heart in SF" stationary by Noteify  9. Sneaky Ipad cases by  Dodo

Hands down my favorite thing about San Francisco is all the events constantly going on.  It brings the whole city together for some free fun outside, delicious food from all the mobile trucks and typically showcases local talent.  Last weekend was no different.  I headed across the bridge to Oakland's monthly Art Murmur and enjoyed a different band from block to block, shopped the local vendors goods and had a great time with great friends.
Next up was the Renegade Craft Fair, SF addition.  Jackpot!  Awesome hand-made goods from locals in the area.  I already new the area was teaming with skilled artisans, but the number of professionals running a full out business and manufacturing all their goods right here in the city?! Amazing.  Much love SF.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trees Abound

This tutorial is so simple I almost didn't bother, but in the name of a graphic...  So I plowed through nearly my entire supply of paint chips with this method and decorated every nook and cranny with these fun trees!

I was down to more subtle colors of green in my stash, but I like the winter wonderland effect the more silvery-blue hues of green evokes.

Luckily my gold polka dots from my pumpkin display work just as well for the winter holiday!  I tried to vary the size and type of branches on each tree for a fun eclectic look.  It's like a dreamy little pastel forest and I love it!

I also found this great tutorial by none other than Martha Stewart to add some variety to my tree bonanza.  Mine are a slight variation of course since you gotta use what you got!  Anyone recognize those reeds from my previous spook sticks project?

These trees may have also crept onto the adjacent shelf as well... along with some ornaments and pine cones to top off the shot glass collection.  I mean, drinking is festive right?! Ha.

Some more ornaments in spare glass jars (we keep them all, from pickle to sauce and even the cute narrow olive ones too!) keep the tree and the trimmings all together in a completely non-traditional way.

A Santa in his sleigh flying into the night with more paper stars thrown into the mix top it all off.  Strolling by the tree down the street in Union Square is a nice treat too!

So I can now say my apartment is totally Christmasfied, and it only cost me about five bucks!  How much are you spending gussying-up your space this year?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

I've been itching to get a tree.  We have a perfect spot in the apartment for it, but considering we are headed home on the 15th and the boyf won't be back to deal with it until the end of January... it was still unrealistic.  Not to mention it would be a poor economic purchase on my tight budget.  So when I saw this little baby strapped on top of that cute little green VW I snapped a quick pic.  Not to worry though... thanks to my paint chip stash, I know have a tree!  Well, actually many trees...

We'll start with the big guy.  Remember that huge paint chip sample haul I made while interning during the office move I mentioned here?  Well it was high time I made something from them, and being that they were all mainly green in color, the tree project was a no-brainer.  Free, festive and a great conversation starter.

I then created some streamers and attached them to some red twine along with some dollar store ornaments to dress it up a bit and play into the shaggy three-dimensional vibe.

Of course my tree needed a topper... queue Pinterest.  I found this great origami paper star tutorial on annekata.  She lays it all out perfectly clear if you want to make some too.  I had just purchased some origami paper at the dollar store and I used them all up on stars to hang around the tree.  I used scrapbook paper for the largest star.

I am happy to lay on my back and gaze up at this funky tree and think of all the Christmas cheer waiting for me at home!  Check back soon to see how I ended up going a little tree crazy in my living room...