Friday, September 27, 2013

Dorm Kitchen Fun


So I'm back in the dorms... a blessing and a curse! It's awesome because I am literally a one minute walk from all my classes, but it's a bummer because it means I am in Boston, far, far away from San Francisco and my favorite person in the world. So while my space is quite nice and I don't have to share it with anyone, it is rather vanilla. I'm only here for three months so I needed a cheap, quick, non-permanent fix! Enter the Dollar Tree, the BEST dollar store around! They sell sticky paper for $1 a roll in some pretty fetching patterns ;) Well, I found one that wasn't too offensive, grabbed a few rolls and.....

Boring kitchen cabinets no more! Since this paper is cheap, it isn't too sticky. It totally stays up, but it also comes down soooo easily and leaves absolutely NO residue behind. I can attest to that since I had this stuff up in my last place for four months and had no issues whatsoever removing it at the end of my stay.

Since the cabinets have raised trim and an inset, it made it very easy to stick the paper into the center and xacto knife off the excess.

The little baby oven (that can scarcely fit a cookie sheet) looks way more adorable with some black and white floral! I think so anyway... I mean a little tacky, sure, but it beats boring dorm decor in my opinion and only cost two bucks.

So once this kitchen was looking pretty cute, the rest of the room looked even more sad and lonely. I always think a headboard makes a room about one thousand times more cozy, so this paper came to the rescue again by cutting out a cute shape and slapping it up on the wall. I love how it turned out and think it makes my bed the focal point of the room like it should be.

Again, slightly tacky, but dorm appropriate. I'm trying my best to enjoy what could possibly be the last time I ever have a space all to myself. :) Happy weekend!