Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013, Off and Running

Happy Happy New Year!  A bit delayed, I know.  I was down in Key Largo with the boyf and a crazy assortment of his family.  This Key Lime Colada was heaven while I lounged in a hammock and caught some sun!

We had a blast at the Full Moon party when we first arrived, an awesome celebration that included fire dancers, fireworks, and the infamous mason jugs of Pier's Punch.  They were equally as delicious as they were deadly!  But before this wonderful trip I had to say goodbye to my favorite city and my home for the past seven months... cue the tears...

We made sure to squeeze in a trip to House of Air before we left.  House of Air is basically a giant building filled with trampolines where you can go crazy! (see above pics for proof ;)  I am so going to miss this city, but to ease the pain of departure, I had the wonderful holidays to enjoy with my family when I arrived back on the East Coast.  Plus I heard the wonderful news that my big sis will be relocating from Tampa to NYC!  Yipeee!!! We took a stroll in the freezing cold to celebrate, naturally. (yes we all seemed to have brought our wine glass with us on said walk hehe)

I enjoyed some gingerbread house decorating with my sis, her boyf, my mom, bill and my Nana.... I guess you could say my sister and I got a little carried away....

My family thoroughly enjoyed me declaring that mine was absolutely gorgeous and perfect while we all decorated... haha.  So then my sister and I joined forces and made that stunner on the right, complete with a dormer window and smokin' chimney!  What a collaboration if I do say so myself!  And then I went from visions of sugar plums to sites of colorful fish, and awesome seashells and coral in the Keys.  We stopped in a garden shop where I saw some pottery with such inspired patterns I just had to whip up a little montage.

And there you have my insane last few weeks in a nut shell.  To add to the madness, I'll be "shipping up to Boston" this weekend and starting classes on Monday... so I'll take this moment to apologize in advance for the silence on the blog!  How crazy were your holidays?

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  1. WOW! You have been busy! I am so excited to be moving up here back to the Northeast because now we can actually see each other more! I love the pic of our beaut of a gingerbread was a stunner.