Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Community Feel

1. Plaids by Pladra  2. Doggy Digs by Blueblood Living  3. Raw Edge leather clutch by Scabby Robot  4. Sweet Prints by 3 Fish Studios  5. Iconic Tote by Lady Alamo 6. Shortbread Truffle Sandwiches baked by Bow and Sparrow Bakery  7. Great bags by Sally Spicer  8. "I left my heart in SF" stationary by Noteify  9. Sneaky Ipad cases by  Dodo

Hands down my favorite thing about San Francisco is all the events constantly going on.  It brings the whole city together for some free fun outside, delicious food from all the mobile trucks and typically showcases local talent.  Last weekend was no different.  I headed across the bridge to Oakland's monthly Art Murmur and enjoyed a different band from block to block, shopped the local vendors goods and had a great time with great friends.
Next up was the Renegade Craft Fair, SF addition.  Jackpot!  Awesome hand-made goods from locals in the area.  I already new the area was teaming with skilled artisans, but the number of professionals running a full out business and manufacturing all their goods right here in the city?! Amazing.  Much love SF.  

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