Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pen Pals

Radio silence much?! Sorry about that... I worked my butt off to get through a 20 credit semester and finally graduated!!! Then I moved back out to San Francisco for good :) The arrival was more than hectic though.. greeted by bed bugs, apartment hunting, sanitizing/dry cleaning/steam cleaning and moving in the first week was less than ideal but I made it! Then the laptop crash, new macbook that didn't work, and finally a new, new laptop and I am back in action!!!

So after all the technology issues, a friend of mine and I started operation Pen Pals :) I got her Valentine and she mine, which you can see over her on her gorgeous blog Sound to the Bay. Naturally hers was totally adorable, hand made and full of all things pink. I have always been a diary person and have them lying around all over the place, so it is especially nice to vent or think onto paper that someone actually replies to! When is the last time you sent a hand written note? I highly recommend it!

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