Friday, February 21, 2014

Refrigerator Problems

So you know how yesterday you saw the kitchen and it was pretty great for a rental... except for the fact that the appliances didn't match? Everything is black, the counters and the stove/oven combo that is, EXCEPT the refrigerator.... What to do.

I'm a renter. I am not investing in anything like that. But you know, there still are some options. Do you know about the stainless adhesive that exists?!

This was a black refrigerator, until it met a roll of stainless! You can find it on amazon or another such site by searching stainless steel appliance adhesive. Since I have never used this stuff I have no idea how or if it comes off, or if it will damage your appliance if you later took it off, so renters beware and do some research!

But I'm not thinking stainless anyway since nothing in this kitchen is stainless. I was naturally thinking black. Enter my pathetic photoshop rendering that I decided should take me no more than 20 seconds to create hehe...

The question though, "is it too dark?" That view is what you see walking into the kitchen, so I'm not sure if this big black beauty kinda smacks you in the face and sucks the light out of the room, or since it matches the other black would it fade away more? Hmmm. Then I thought, chalkboard paint! Like this cutie I found on the blog Genevieve Gail. It is so cute and sooo tempting...

However, I feel it would just end up this way... smeared, people writing all over it whenever they come by (I'm a tad to controlling design wise to roll with that..) and I think it would kind of just drive me nuts!! Any clue as to why some people's chalkboard paint looks so clean and other always have this white filmy fog going on?

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