Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dining Curbside Style

Moving into a new apartment clear across the country in your twenties generally means that you don't bring whatever furniture you've acquired and must start from scratch... on a shoestring budget.  Enter Craigslist, flea markets, goodwill and good old fashioned abandoned on the curbside pieces praying to be taken in off the mean streets.  Which is where I found this guy.  We hauled it up to our friends roof where I could get my sanding on, which this table needed a lot of.

After a good amount of elbow grease and 220 grit sandpaper, the table was dusty but ready for a fresh face.  There were some odd blackish marks on one side which wouldn't come out completely, but I figured the stain would help them to blend away.  Plus, the piece was a freebee so if it didn't work out, it was really no loss. 
I chose Minwax Wood Finish in Old Mahogany for it's rich tones.  With a 1inch paint brush I coated the whole top generously in the direction of the grain and then ragged the excess of in gently sweeping strokes.

I admit it came out a bit on the streaky side.  Naturally I blame the wind.  No really!  It was super windy and so by waiting the recommended set time before wiping with the rag caused the finish to become far too tacky, so I ended up pulling a great deal of the stain off rather than just the excess.  Lesson learned.  Wind matters.

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