Saturday, July 21, 2012

Goner Goes Graphic

I found this dresser at the Salvation Army for a measly 40 bucks.  I was really intent on finding one with some bowed drawers.  This piece was perfect!  Clean lines and mid-century tapered legs with ultra feminine curved top drawers.

I somehow managed to cram this baby into the back seat of my little Nissan Altima and up the twisty flight of stairs in my Victorian apartment.

Then I broke out the paint.  It had some scratches and chips, and the plain-jane wood wasn't really doing it for me.  So after meticulously measuring out my plan, I drew up some templates from craft paper for the repeating elements to make it look nice and even.

Totally crazy I know, and not for everyone.  But it was stunning in my bedroom.  It played off the baby blue walls and tied together all the various cool tones around the rest of the space.  The knobs were from Home Depot, as was the paint.  I actually didn't need all that much of each color, so I got those tiny test pots in each color and had plenty.  It was a great way to save some moola.  I also wielded a wood burning tool to carve out some grooves in between each color for a more worn and bohemian look.

I loved having such a unique and one of a kind piece that everyone always commented on.  So now I'm taking my own work as inspiration for the table I rescued from the streets and am currently reworking.  While the stain looks nice with its second and much more even coat, I have some pretty graphic plans for this baby!

And don't mind the dark corner, its just a glare.  So what do you think?  Does a patterned piece scare you or excite you?

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  1. Love the boho chic pattern you chose, Chel! You're so talented. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the table!