Saturday, July 14, 2012

Intern Freebies

One perk of the very chaotic move from the office in Mountain View to the new space in Palo Alto was down sizing.  So the sorting was less than fun, but it did mean getting my hands on some awesome materials that were no longer needed for projects.

These "3 form" samples are awesome semi transparent plastics.  I am especially drawn to the metallic series!

These recycled glass counter top samples have held my admiration for a long time.  While I would love to actually have a counter top made from this material, I will have to be imaginative in finding a fun way to use these little snippets for the time being instead.

These squares, meant to be flooring samples, are some sort of composite tile with nice variation in the color.  Again, no idea what I'll make from them yet, but I sure do love having all these free and unique materials on hand!

Lastly, the paint chips.  This is a very small sample of the paint chips I took home with me.  I have the traditional long strips with multiple colors on them, these larger rectangles in about 300 various shades of blues, greens, and purples and an entire book of very large format swatches with no written text, it's all on the back!  Score!  So I've seen many paint chip projects on good ol' pinterest, but none that have screamed "make me now!!!"  So what are your thoughts?  Any super duper genius ideas for some of these fabulous materials?  Please do tell.

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