Sunday, July 8, 2012

Succulents by the Sea

Since moving into my humble abode, I've noticed that without plants the space feels awfully sterile and dead.  So after an impromptu trip to Mendocino that had amazing views of dense forest and mountainsides...

that opened right up to salty air and ocean breezes, I was more than feeling the urge to bring all that nature back to the city with me.  I am brand new to the west coast, and so far I LOVE what I see!

But since I couldn't actually bring all of what I saw home with me in the car, I settled for several of these little cuties that were sprouting up everywhere on the rocky bluffs above the sand.

For anyone who doesn't know about succulents you are missing out!  They are insanely easy to care for needing very little water (aka you can forget and they will forgive) and can settle onto a vertical hanging wall, any little pot or even a glass dish like the one I used.

This dish, from IKEA a couple of years ago, has previously held spare change, jewelry, and other odds and ends.  I think it is much better serving as home to my baby succulent, which sits in some native sand and pebbles I grabbed from the beach it came from and topped off with colorful sea glass also found in the area.  How's that for a zero cost, nature inspired project?!

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