Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sunbathing and Scarf Shopping

For anyone who missed the memo, I've got a new do.  I decided to be Cleopatra for Halloween, and rather than wearing an itchy wig all night, I thought I'd just dye my own hair a lovely jet black.  It was startling at first, but it's really grown on me!  Thanks to my Syrian roots, it doesn't look too outlandish... right?

I generally have Monday's off, and yesterday was no different.  It was a ripe 81 degree, blue sky, sunny day. (I've got to brag about SF all I can before I move back to frigid New England for the winter... I shudder.)  I headed to the pool to soak up some sun and then went to the street vendor market to browse.  They have these awesome pashmina's, just four for twenty bucks!

If you know me, you know this equine themed pashmina made my heart pitter-patter.  I also scooped up a nice b & w polka dot accented with some leopard, a royal blue and gold combo and a pink and cornflower psychedelic number.

While I plan to wear these as scarves, I started to brainstorm ideas of what else I could do with them.  At 4 for 20, it wouldn't be a stretch to buy a bunch more.  First, I tied the ends together to create the trendy infinity scarf.  Perfect for any windy days that obnoxiously unravel you en route.  Which got me to thinking, if I bought a bunch and tied them together into a larger piece, they could be hung as fun and funky curtain panels.  And if I cut some batting to size, sandwiched it between a few pashmina's and ran the stack through the sewing machine, I'd have a quick and unique quilt or throw.  Or tie them around a pillow for a new cover.  Yup, sounds like I may need to buy a few more.


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