Monday, October 29, 2012

Earrings in Bloom

While at checkout in the bead store a few weeks ago, I spotted these little plastic flowers for just 25 cents a piece... you know I bought them in every color and got to making some earrings.  All I needed was the posts, which were sold in a 12 pack for just one buck.  Success.

With post, flower and instant krazy glue in hand, these only took a few seconds to make.  Just dab some glue on the post and hold the flower in place.  This particular glue was insanely sticky and dried in an... instant.  Go figure.  But really, I did notice a better adhesion than with just regular super glue.

And then before I knew it, flower earrings galore!  You really can glue almost anything to a post and call it an earring, think buttons, flat stone, sea glass, etc. but I've been on a flower kick ever since buying a pair of sea-foam green rosette earrings from Etsy.  And now I have four more for about $2.50... perfectly within my intern budget.  But I didn't stop at flowers...

I also grabbed these flat-backed bubbles in shiny, luscious turquoise.  I decided to glam them up a bit by ringing the edge with my metallic silver sharpie.  It really gives it a little something extra in my opinion.

For a few dollars I know have a new pair of the earrings for everyday of the week!

*Being from the east coast, I've got all my family, friends, and community in my thoughts as Sandy dishes out her wrath.  Stay safe please!*



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