Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dining Area

The new apartment has a decent sized eat in kitchen, which is great because there is no dining room! I brought my table from the last apartment that I found on the streets and refinished myself. I love the white and rattan chairs we found on craigslist for just $10 a piece. I think the rounded legs on both the table and chairs ties them together well enough, plus the curved chair backs mimic the curves in the tabletop pattern too.

I realize I never really posted the official after on this table, so here are some shots! I just sanded this baby down, stained it a deep mahogany and then got to doodling with aqua paint :)

 There's a subtle nautical vibe going on as I added some whales, anchors, seahorses and other aquatic creatures in amongst the random squiggly doodles.

I love that this is an awesome stand alone piece and an excellent conversation starter whenever friends come by. So next time you see a wooden freebie on the street, just picture it as your canvas and go nuts! What do you have to lose?

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