Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Accent Pillows

I recently had a friend come to me wanting some help getting started in the decor department for her new place. She had just gotten this FAB grey velvet couch that had clean outer lines but was all tufted along the back and sides, much like the one I posted in my mood board the other day. It was amazing and made me drool. Anyways, she wanted pillows and didn't know where to start. She gave me a vague color scheme.. "maybe a greenish tone??" and knew she didn't want too many since the dog would likely drag them to floor.

I gave her a bunch of options, sticking to groups of three, mostly with some green in there. The key to mixing pillows is this, I'd say one solid, one large scale pattern and one smaller scale pattern. Also, if one of those patterns is organic and one is geometric, even better! Pretty simple ya? I also like to vary the sizes, so two squares and one rectangle for interest. If you hate 'boring solids,' you can do two matching patterns, and then a third different pattern too. Personal preference people!

I also gave her these options, using more pinks and browns. I did it because even though she didn't say pink, I happen to know it is her FAVORITE color ever, that she has a pink upholstered chair in the room, and also a chocolate brown ottoman. I really think any colors can go together in a palette if you just keep repeating them. And the best place to force them all together and say, "See, this goes!" is in those toss pillow people! 

She didn't mention pink because he hubby isn't all that stoked about the color, but I thought, add enough brown and maybe he'd buy it? I love doing visual options like this for roomies, or men you live with who just don't get your vision, or who can't seem to articulate what it is they want. This way they can see it, and say which they like best. Naturally, he liked the last option on the bottom right, mostly neutrals and browns. But hey, I did tried to sway him on the pink!

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