Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Spook Sticks

Today's project literally took me five minutes to make.  You can sprinkle these "spook sticks" into your existing decor in seconds to amp up the Halloween vibe.  Accessorizes a flower bouquet to go from pretty to festive, tape them to the back of your television to scare your guests, or place them in a tiny glass with some pumpkins nearby.

The idea came to me when I saw that my fragrance diffusion reeds were spent.  So I gathered some scrap paper (the cutouts from yesterday's buntings) scissors and left over black streamer.

Next I doodled some iconic Halloween silhouettes like the black cat, ghost, bat and jack-o-lantern in pen and cut out two of each.  Then I coated the cut outs with a glue stick, placed the reed in the middle and closed the sandwich with the second copy of the cutout.  Last, I glued a couple of strips of streamer to the base of the of the reed and voile!

Quick, simple and easy as promised.  How's Halloween making it into your home?

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