Monday, October 22, 2012

Trick or Treat Week

Halloween is nearly upon us!  For me that means I am just now crafting my costume, decorations and enjoying seasonal delicacies.  What that means for you is that everyday this week, I'm treating you to thrifty and simple Halloween ideas to knock out last minute with me!  That's right, make this Monday through Friday count by jamming in all the wicked tricks and treats possible.

Being away from New England for the second holiday season in a row is a little tough I must admit.  Although, when I consider I spent last year in Australia and this time I'm in San Fran... life doesn't seem so tough after all.  But I was craving the Halloween spirit in my scarcely decorated place in the city.

I found this bunting over at Fine & Feathered.  I loved the idea that it would be high impact, quick and easy.  So I grabbed all my paper goods, ribbon, and my Martha Stewart paper cutter I picked up from TJMaxx a few months ago that I've been dying to use, and got to work. 

It punches a nice little pattern into the edge of paper, and even has an alignment system so you can repeat endlessly without any hint of the start and end of each section.   

The ribbon I used was also super handy, in that it had adhesive backing.  It's called Best Occasions Self Adhesive Ribbon and I found it at Walmart.  So after cutting my bunting pieces out of orange and black construction paper, I simply lined the top edge with the ribbon in a contrasting color.

Then it was up on the wall.  It takes up a good amount of space and can't be missed as you walk into the living room.  I often find myself starring at it rather than whatever is on the tv to the right... pretty lame I know, but it really gets me in the festive spirit!

Then I decided that this sad little chair needed some spooky decor too.  Once I taped on a skirt of black streamers and topped it with a creepy skull and stack of mini pumpkins, it looked right a home beneath the bunting.

Plus, the skull keeps me in good company always starring up at the bunting too.

So there you have it, an easy way to add some spook to your space!  And I highly recommend giving your taste buds a bite of the action too...

Is your place all gussied up for the season or are the fall cravings just kicking in?

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