Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Round-Up

This long weekend made me realize how amazing my new city really is. There were about a million things happening in the bay area and I got my slice. First up was the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. A free concert series featuring about 60 artists over the course of three days.

 Golden Gate park was full of people, food trucks, dogs and sweet jams.  The weather was picture perfect and the people watching was phenomenal. :)

I heard The Lumineers and an amazing mandolin playing protege named Sierra Hull who was as sweet as pie with a beautiful voice to match her instrumental chops.

Down by the bay were the Blue Angels, zipping through the air a mere six inches apart from one another in perfect sync!  It was loud, thrilling and terrifying all at once.

I didn't have to stay down by the bay to see them in action though.  This video was taken out my living room window.  They were hard to miss with the sound of their thunderous engines echoing through the concrete streets and alleyways.  It made me jump out of my skin every time they flew overhead, so low it seemed they may have skimmed my rooftop!

While the Angle's ruled the air, America's Cup owned the water below.  I didn't stick around to watch them duel it out since sailing isn't a particular interest of mine, but there were plenty of spectators and tourists crowding the area, leaving me to head to the park on Monday for a great jog.

I started down at Ocean Beach by lounging in the sun with the boyf before making the 6 mile trek home.  The run goes primarily though Golden Gate Park, which is larger than NYC's Central Park... ;)  and lands me at home exhausted and sweaty. 

But nothing beats ditching the city streets, noise and traffic lights for some time in the woods!  Northern California smells like fresh pine and crisp air while still providing views of palm trees lazing high in the sky.

No complaints here. :)  All that plus some crafts!!!  Yes, it was my perfect weekend.

The table is nearly complete, just a few finishing touches and some sealer.  A big fancy dinner to break her in will be a must; I'm thinking pork tenderloin with apple chutney to officially ring in the fall season.  Yum!

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