Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Bracelets

Layered up wrist baubles are everywhere, and I wanted in.  Naturally, I wanted to make them myself and for cheap.  I jealously eyed my co-workers wrist wrap for a few days before buying the materials for myself at a local bead shop.

All I needed was some suede cording and dainty chain in the color of my choosing, and her $40 bracelet became my custom, handmade, ten dollar claim to fame.

Just knot together two strands of suede and one of chain.  The length depends on how many times you want your bracelet to wrap around your wrist.  I used pieces that were four feet each and it ended up wrapping four times around.

A classic braid, another knot and your done.

But why make just one when you can have two?

Have an inspired week <3

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