Friday, October 5, 2012

Never Never Land

Peter Pan collars have been trending on the runways and blogs alike.  I was recently inspired by this photo I saw on... Pinterest.  Big shocker I know.

I love all the heavy beading that gave the girlish, whimsical peter pan collar more of a rocker chic feel.  I was also smitten with the idea of having a virtual collar to pop onto any old tee-shirt for an instant pulled together look.  So I then scoured the internet and found these great tutorials on various sites for said necklace/collar.

                                        Pearl Punched collar by Honestly...WTF here

                                   Sequin Covered Collar by Stripes and Sequins here

And so with a basic idea of how to construct it and knowing what I did and didn't like about each collar I set about making my own.  I used felt for the back drop, some tiny beads for the glam factor, intricate trim for detail and black velvet ribbon for the tie.

After cutting the iconic shape, I tacked on this black decorative trim I found at a fabric outlet.  It gives it a really complete edge and was really simple to add with a couple of stitches here and there with needle and thread.

I then embellished it with the small copper beads in a sun burst fashion and added detail to the dainty black trim with small accent beads on the tips of each point.
I like the direction it's going and plan to finish it up this weekend with some gunmetal pearl beads along the tops edge... and who knows where else!  This has been a plan-as-I-go project with occasional referrals back to my inspiration pieces.  Do you have any trends you plan on DIYing to get just right?

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