Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polka Dots and Pumpkins

Polka dots have always felt childish on my clothes, but on my walls... in gold... with pumpkins... yes, please!

Styling bookshelves can be a little tricky.  Too much stuff and it looks cluttered and crazy, but too streamlined and it looks like you haven't fully unpacked yet.  Enter the Holiday season.  It gave me a steadfast theme to adhere to, and when you collect like items, the cluttered look falls by the wayside and you get super stylized amazingness!

The polka dots where a fun touch to play up the roundness of the pumpkins, add a little color and shine, and best of all an impermanent DIY soulution that won't rob me of my rental deposit.  Here's how:

Gather all of your materials and maybe a partner if you're tackling a large space.  Measure and cut your paper to size and adhere with some double-sided tape, beginning in the center and smoothing the paper out towards your corners as you go.  I admittedly got frustrated during this process and enlisted the boyf against his will ;)

Next, dip your cork end into some paint and stamp in the center of the space you are polka dotting.  Work out from there.  I just eyed-balled it, but you could do some simple math and mark lightly with a pencil if you are so inclined.

I went with a staggered pattern to make the alignment easier freehand.  If your paper is thin like mine was, simply stab the shelving brackets straight through into their slots and replace your shelves.  Another designer tip, odds.  Always group in odds, it is far more pleasing to the eye.

I also made this little painted print of my polka dotted pumpkin filled shelves.  I'll be making it into a printable if you'd prefer to remove the heavy lifting but still get the look.

Will you be adding polka dots to your decor?  Or just to your Pinterest boards ;)

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