Thursday, October 4, 2012

Internet Creativity

I like to think I am up on all the creative channels accessible via the great world wide web.  From tutorials to free software to media platforms like Pinterest, I keep myself pretty busy.  But the other day I found yet another site to fritter away my time on dreaming of beautiful things for home.  It's called Olioboard and it is dangerous.  You can choose from many backdrops and thousands of furnishings and accessories that actually exist on various sites for purchase and plan a whole room in either two or 3D.  Mind blown.

I whipped this one up in about 15 minutes.  Far from perfect, but man I can sense the possibilities here!  It's like a mood board on crack.  All so much easier and super helpful in streamlining the decision making process of a rooms final colors, textures and patterns.  Your welcome and enjoy :)